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Prescription Painkillers Play A Major Role In Today's Opioid Problem In Maine.

Drug Take Back

Prescription painkillers play a major role in creating today’s opioid epidemic in Maine. You can help by using Maine’s Drug Take Back program to get rid of unwanted or unused medications.

Disposing of Unwanted Prescriptions

The best way to get rid of leftover prescription drugs is to drop them off at one of many drug take back locations in Maine. Prescriptions that contain narcotics can often be taken to your local police department—contact them to be sure. Also, certain pharmacies will take prescriptions that are unused.

Proper disposal is very important for those who no longer wish to use their leftover prescription drugs. NEVER flush medications down the drain, which can contaminate Maine’s water supply. Don’t throw them away in home or workplace trash, either, as they may end up being found.

Looking to Find a Drug Take Back Location Near You? Use this map to get you started.

If you or someone you know is ready to stop using drugs, call 211 today. You can also text your zip code to 898-211 (TXT-211) to be connected with a friendly Maine-based Specialist.

YES: Items You Can Take Back

  • Prescription Medications (Except for Controlled Substances at Pharmacies)
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) Medications
  • Veterinary Medications
  • Vitamins
  • Medicated Ointments/Lotions
  • Liquid Medicines (Leak-proof Containers, Up to 12 oz.)
  • Inhalers

NO: Items You Cannot Take Back

  • Needles/Syringes
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Thermometers
  • Beauty Products (Non-medicated)
  • Infectious Waste (sharps, blades, or other waste that can cause harm handling)
  • Empty Containers

What Can I Do With Items I Cannot Take Back?

You can still get rid of many items not allowed as part of Maine’s Drug Take Back program. Thermometers, infectious waste, hydrogen peroxide and beauty products can all be handled by the Maine Environmental Depot in Lewiston, Maine. Check with your local police department to learn how to best get rid of controlled substances.


If you’ve decided you need help, there are places you can turn. Visit https://findtreatment.gov/ to get started.

Help is available, free and confidential — Call or Text 211 Today

Help is available, free and confidential — Call or Text 211 Today

When You Call 211

After you CALL 211, select option “6” to access the Opiate Helpline. A Maine-based specialist will refer you to a provider who can help. A specialist will answer your questions to the best of their abilities. You will receive encouragement and support to help you or a loved one.

When you TEXT your zip code to 898-211

After you TEXT your zip code to 898-211, you are automatically connected with a Maine-based specialist. The specialists will text you back asking what services you are looking for and provide you referrals as close to where you live as possible.

Opioid dependency isn’t worth the pain and suffering it comes with. Call 211 now to make a difference in someone’s life.